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About Me

Dr. Tilmann Drebes, Forschung und Wissenschaft, Praxis und Anwendung, Transfer, Innovation, Innovationstransfer, Innovationsökosysteme, Strategie, Personalmanagement, Human Ressource Management, Organisation, Organisationsentwicklung, Arbeit, Arbeitswissenschaften, Gesundheit, Gute Arbeit, Verhandlung, Negotiated Order, Fairness, Respekt in der Arbeitswelt, Soziales Spannungsfeld, Prof. Friedrich Fürstenberg, Universität Bonn

Dr. Tilmann Drebes

Graduate economist, doctorate in sociology, assistant professor

Tilmann Drebes is a commercial merchant, holds a degree in economics and a doctorate in sociology from the University of Bonn. Prior to his studies, he completed vocational training as an industrial clerk in the automotive industry in Stuttgart. During his studies, he worked there on the assembly line and supported production as a forklift driver in logistics. Tilmann is interested in people and social processes in different social fields of action with different action structures. He observes and understands interrelationships on a macro-, meso-, as well as on a micro-level. He has a special focus on innovations in companies and other types of organizations. In addition to administrations and public authorities, he is also interested in innovations in the police and the military. Other fields of activity are organizations in the health sector, such as hospitals and health insurance companies, social organizations, cooperatives and associations.